The council has currently contracted for assessor services with Bowmar Appraisals.  The main duty of the assessor is to evaluate all real and personal property to determine equitable assessments based on fair market value and entered on the assessment roll.

The City assessor maintains a complete record of property information which is available to the public upon request.  It is the assessor’s responsibility to meet with the Board of Review to determine the equity of the assessments which have been placed on individual properties.

The last evaluation took place in 2005.  The next reassessment is scheduled to take place in 2023.

Each year on January 1st your property is valued or assessed. This is the basis for distributing the tax levy on property in Juneau. Assessed valuation should not be confused with fair market value or equalized value. You will hear these terms during the tax roll preparation time, which is in late fall and early winter.

Revaluation Notices:
 Your property’s assessed valuation has generally been set at the last revaluation. If you have made improvements to your property then there is a good likelihood that your assessed valuation has changed from the level set. When there is a change in your assessed valuation, you receive a notice from Bowmar Appraisal stating what the new valuation is and when and where you can dispute their determination.
Disputing Valuation Notices:
To dispute a change in your assessed valuation you may attend the "Open Book" session held around the end of April each year. If you feel that the determination made at open book is not satisfactory, you may apply at City Hall to appear before the Board of Review, which generally meets in May.

Board of Review:

The Board of Review system was established by the Wisconsin Statutes to give taxpayers a method of appealing their property assessments. Before beginning this appeal process, you can informally appeal to the City Assessor’s office. Sometimes, a telephone call and/or an informal discussion with the Assessor may help you understand your assessment and no further action may be required. If you would like your property reviewed by the Assessor’s Office, you must contact Bowmar Appraisals at (920) 733-5369 for more information. 

After the Assessor’s Office reviews the information, a determination will be made regarding the present value. If you still feel that your assessment does not accurately reflect the condition and value of your property, you should apply for a formal hearing before the Board of Review. The Board of Review consists of the mayor, clerk/treasurer and one alderperson from each ward as appointed by the mayor and approved by council. They sit in an open hearing, much like a judge or jury, and listen to the testimony, ask questions for clarification, and then make their decision.

To formally appeal the assessment for your property, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (920) 386-4800.

Additional Information

  • The first Board of Review meeting will be Monday May 23, 2022 from 5:00-7:00pm
  • To appear before the Board of Review, you must file your intent by 1 pm on Friday, May 20, 2022.
  • Open Book Monday May 11, 2022  9-11 am (Other times available by appointment.)