Property Taxes

Tax Payment Information

Please use the link below to view your property taxes.

The first payment is payable to: City of Juneau Clerk/Treasurer and paid at City Hall by January 31. 

The second payment is payable to: Dodge County Treasurer and paid at the County Administration building by July 31.

Tax Receipts will only be mailed if a self addressed postage paid envelope is provided with your payment.

There are several ways to pay your taxes:

  • Drop box at City Hall: This is located to the right of the entrance at city hall. We will receipt your payment on the day we receive it. We will mail you your receipt. Payments placed in the drop box on December 31st will be receipted on December 31st. Payments placed in the drop box on January 1st will be receipted as that day and not the previous year. Do not leave cash in the drop box.
  • By mail: Send your tax bill with your check to City of Juneau Clerk/Treasurer, PO Box 163, Juneau, WI 53039. We will receipt your payment on the day we receive it, but the postmark date will be noted on the receipt mailed back to you.
  • In person: Bring your tax bill and check to city hall during their hours.
  • By mortgage company: Some mortgage companies send payments directly to the City; others send escrow checks to property owners. Contact your mortgage company to find out how they handle your tax payment. Escrow checks issued for more than the tax amount will be refunded by CHECK ONLY in approximately 10 days. If the check is payable to you and the City of Juneau, be sure to endorse the back of the check before submitting for payment.
Tax Credits: You are eligible for the Lottery Credit, if on January 1st of the tax year, you were the owner of the property and used that property as your primary residence. (You can only have ONE primary residence) If you meet these criteria, but no lottery credit appears on your tax statement, contact City Hall for a Lottery and Gaming Claim Application to receive credit.

First Dollar Credit: Every taxable parcel in the state of Wisconsin qualifies for the First Dollar Credit provided that parcel contains a real property improvement. This includes business, commercial and private property. Unlike the Lottery and Gaming Credit, the property does not need to be the primary residence of the owner. A personal property improvement does not qualify for this credit.

This credit is automatically applied to all qualifying properties. If the property tax bill has an amount shown in the "Assessed Value Improvements" boxes, then that property should receive the credit. Unlike the Lottery and Gaming Credit, the First Dollar Credit is applied equally to each installment.