Yard Waste Disposal

Yard Waste Disposal

A spreader is located on the west side of the garage and is always open. The leaf site is located at the end of Industrial Road and is also always open. 

Compost materials accepted: 

  • Small plant roots such as flower and garden plant roots
  • Organic yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, garden plants, flowering plants, and straw
Compost material must be emptied into the spreader or on the leaf site and garbage bags thrown in garbage can next to spreader or taken home. Do not leave yard waste in garbage bags!

Brush Pickup

  • 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • Brush may be taken to the leaf site.  DO NOT TAKE TO THE SPREADER. 
Brush Pickup Rules

  • Place on terrace between the sidewalks and curb
  • Place butt end in the same direction that traffic flows
  • Don't pile over 3 feet tall
  • Must be piled in an orderly fashion
  • No pieces over 6 inches diameter
  • Tangled piles will be left until you restack it
  • You may haul brush to leaf site in the designated area
  • If a contractor cuts it up they grind it up
  • Small piles should be in a container to avoid stopping for 1 or 2 sticks
If you have any questions, contact the City Garage, (920) 386-3305.

Grass Clippings and Leaves

The City of Juneau has received a complaint of a lot of Grass clippings and leaves in the backyards along the drainage ditch that runs along the Wild Goose State Trail. Please do not dump your grass clippings and leaves along this drainage ditch. This would be similar to blowing your grass clippings and leaves in the road and then going down the storm sewer. The drainage ditch is part of our city storm sewer. It is an ordinance in town where you can receive a ticket for blowing grass into the road and storm sewer; so if we see anymore grass clippings along this drainage ditch you could receive a citation.    Ordinance 12.08.095

If you have any questions, contact the City Garage 920-386-3305.