Basic Solid Waste Rules

A.     Garbage and Animal Waste:

Animal wastes shall be placed in a SEALED plastic bag and then placed in cart.

B.     Ashes or Burnt Materials: 

Shall not be put in cart in a hot or smoldering state.  Allow at least 72 hours cooling time before placing in cart.

C.     Construction Waste

1.      Material generated from residents performing their own work will be collected provided such materials are able to be placed in cart and do not prevent the lid from being substantially closed.

2.      Materials NOT collected include, but are not limited to, rough metals, rain gutters or spouts, concrete, rocks and bricks, etc.

3.      NO construction waste of any kind will be collected as a result of contractors performing the work.

D.    Miscellaneous Information:

1.      Bulk Waste:  Items such as furniture, rolled carpeting (8 ft. maximum length), whole fixtures such as wood windows, non-metal doors, wood fence sections and steps will be collected curb-side provided they can be handled by two persons without risk of injury.  Bulk collection day will be September 19, 2019.  If materials are broken down into small pieces, they will be considered construction material and must be in cart collected weekly.  No bundled or loose piles of building materials allowed.  Bulk waste will also be accepted at the city dumpster at the City Garage, 555 S. Mill Street, during certain days and times (See the following City Dumpster Procedures.)

2.      NO tires are collected curbside.

3.      NO white goods or other metals will be collected curbside.  White goods and metals include stoves, dishwashers, water heaters, furnaces, boilers, humidifiers, garbage compactors, washers and dryers, bed springs, sheet metal, pipe, etc.

4.      NO lead acid batteries are collected.

5.      NO waste engine oil collected curbside.

6.      NO engine anti-freeze will be collected.

7.      Fruits and vegetables, including pumpkins, are considered garbage and must be containerized in collection cart, and not placed in a loose manner for collection.

E.     PAINT

1.      Cans must have covers removed and paint in a dry or hardened state and placed in cart.


Crews will red tag violations of the above rules.  Residents MUST remove the tagged material from curbside within 24 hours and correct the violation before the next collection day.

Residents experiencing any service problems should call Advanced Disposal at 920-387-0987.