Parks and Facilities


Juneau City Park is available for picnics and recreation. Two shelters located near the north end of the park and one concession with kitchen facilities is available to rent. These can be reserved by contacting the Parks & Rec Director at 920-386-4812. Wild Goose Park is located adjacent to the trail with shelter and camping. Hickey Park is located on Ridge Road. 

The “Wild Goose State Trail” runs through Juneau, a 34-mile trail running from Highway 60 in Clyman Junction to the City of Fond du Lac. The trail provides opportunities for hiking, biking and picnicking. In winter, skiers, ATVs and snowmobiles can also use the trail. Between Juneau and Clyman a horseback trail parallels the hiking trail. It runs from Highway 60 to Pautsch Road for 15 miles on a former railroad bed. 

Please apply with the Recreation Department for rental of parks and fields or visit the Juneau Parks & Recreation Website: 920-386-4812